Project name

Due to copyright strikes on several Youtube's video.
We have decided to change the game's name  to  Code: Dino-H

We are really sorry for all the inconvenients,
Thank you all.

The Code: Dino-H team


Code Dino-H 43 MB
Mar 03, 2021

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That's a shame man but your game has the potential to shape up to something big so don't let it get you down. I'll continue to stay tuned for any future updates. Thanks for making games!


What was the copyright strike for? If they're claiming everyone's videos because of a name, it can be fought and the people claiming it will lose because they're abusing the system. They can't claim/strike videos if they don't own the content, regardless of what the name is. There's an intereting video on youtube about the battle between the 2 Hell Hunt games. Anyone having problems with claims/strikes should check it out. My video hasn't been hit but I'll be keeping an eye on it. 

there is a toy brand called dino hazard, which is probably what the copyright issue was about


That doesn't mean they can claim and strike down videos. You can only do that if you own the content in the video. Their issue would be with the developer, not the youtubers. 

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i know, i'm not saying they are in the right, i completely agree with you. there was a game called prey for the gods, but the name had to be changed due to copyright issues with prey 2017.