A downloadable game for Windows

Made in 70 days by:
- Game Design
- Art @Jmgennisson
- Code @NicolasSchoner & Guillaume

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(57 total ratings)
GenreSurvival, Action, Puzzle
Tagsarctic, dinohazard, Dinosaurs, hazard, Horror, snow


Code Dino-H 43 MB

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hi, big thx for the great game. cool stuff my friend. greetings from rosti....and i love retro pixel horror games 馃憤馃憤馃憤馃槝

Really enjoyed this and found the setting intriguing. Hope this gets expanded in in the future.

Igrica je bila odli膷na i zanimljiva, svidio mi se koncept i tema, pri膷a je dobra i grafika je odli膷na, sretno sa gradnjom ostalih igrica!

Amazing game. It reminded me of the days when I played Dino Crisis.


Really cool concept hope its expanded on

Really fantastic. I'd love to see more of it.

A faithful reimagining of the golden era survival horror genre, Code: Dino-H brought a smile to my face with the memories of Dino Crisis and Resident Evil it inspired. Controls are tight and responsive and the aesthetics reflect the intended era perfectly. Enemy AI at times could be a tad clunky or cheap, but aside from this a very entertaining experience.

Verdict - 8.5 out of 10 

I saw Alpha Beta Gamer demonstrate this.

Out of curiosity, has there been any update since?

This game is great, the character handles very well, the setting is tetric, the soundtrack makes you feel tense all the time and the intelligence of the enemies is worth fearing them, maybe the only bad thing is that I feel like using a weapon but no problem I loved it! by the way my gameplay is subtitled in Spanish so that more people can see it and the language is not an impediment.


Is in ps5 or ps4?

I really liked the game! this is my experience

I love the style and how the story goes. I can't wait for this to be full version. I can see good potential if this game continue to polish more!

Continue making more my friends ^_^

love from Malaysia.

Tried out your game before the name change.

Reminds me of the good old days of Dino Crisis On Ps1 :D

Amazing. No complaints. I was so happy playing your game! 

game engine plz

I really enjoyed this game, other than getting stuck in a corner a few times, the gameplay was smooth and I would definitely play again if there was more to come. Reaction below.

As a huge Dino Crisis fan who is still starving for good dinosaur games this was exactly what I needed. Short but enough to get me invested.

You clearly took inspiration from Dino Crisis 1 but you took a different approach by further developing the stealth elements in the gameplay by crouching and the light.
the camera was mostly good implemented but there were few spots were the player was outside of the cameras view which got me very disoriented. I hope this will be polished in the future.

And this personal preference but I don't really like that you can tell every single segment of the dinosaur model. I prefer the approach from the original DC. :)

Anyway, great game! I hope you will continue working on it :D

Jogo muito bom, meus parab茅ns a todos os desenvolvedores. Estou no aguardo da pr贸xima atualiza莽茫o!!! 馃ぉ

Great game! Shorter than I expected but it was still short n sweet. Enjoyed the art style and the bit of plot it had going on. Only problems I had was with the camera controls was kinda hard to see what was around you or what was in front of you in certain places making it hard to tell if the dinos are heading your way or walking towards you. Also I think that you should die in max two hits. I feel like three hits gives the player an easy out to outrun them and not be afraid of the damage taking. Overall though it was a great game to play and had fun. Keep up the good work devs :) 

No weapons?

This game is pretty promising! I enjoyed it, just some of the chasing mechanics/camera angles got a little frustrating for me, but I just suck at pc game LOL. Other than that, this has a lot of potentials! 

Found a possible bug, if you die at any part from the raptors & you go back to the last saved point, the generator can't be turned back on, so I had to replay from the beginning.

I think dinohazard definitely has a lot of potential. Love the raptor, graphics style, and concept. The main issue that I have is the tank controls. They just don't work well at all when you combine a keyboard and chase sequences. All in all though, this game has a ton of potential, dinosaur horror games have been few and far between as of late, and the concept is great! Can't wait to see what else you end up doing with it!

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Hi everyone, I'm Jim, one of the developper of this demo.

Sorry for the inconvenient if you receive a copyright strike to your video.

It seems that there is another game called Dinohazard.

We changed the game's name to Code: Dino-H.

It's just a project made with friends and for fun,
Sorry if you get in trouble.

So far no strike from youtube here. Thanks for the cool game.  


Your game is better anyways. Don't worry Jim. 

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Well, I got a copyright strike and I deleted the video, I had nothing to do with it, I promoted your game and was really nice, not mentioning the fact that some of the comments, which were posted very early showed criticism of your game, but what do I get in response? Copyright strike. Can you do something about that and help me? No.
Great Job making my channel look bad.
Definitely not playing or reviewing any of your games. Good Luck!

Ok, after seeing the comments here. I don't want to get in to trouble.

The game is really promising. With a combination of both Dino Crisis and Resident Evil. Really is a tribute to those great games. Great Job

Hope to see more :)

Nice start, looks gorgeous. Got the atmosphere down, like the music. One design issue I have is that the directional sound is relative to the player, where it should be relative to the camera IMO. You can be hiding in a corner, rotating around, and the direction of the enemy's foot steps will spin with you, being quite disorienting and not so useful tactically. Great job though, hope you go on to do more!

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Anyone else get a copyright warning from someone claiming this game was stolen? I took a look at their version of the game on steam but they look completely different.  However the names are the same and both games are about dinosaurs. Curious to know if anyone else got this warning and if you think a playthrough of this is actually an infringement. I mean one game looks like an ancient RPG and this looks like playstation. Clearly both were made uniquely by different developers. The name could definitely just be a coincidence.

I got the email too.


Yeah I got contacted too. I've been talking to SidAlpha about this issue. He has this advice:

"In terms of the Trademark dispute, he would have a case with the other Dev because it DOES create market confusion. But in terms of your video(s) he has no legal right to strike your videos as even IF Fair Use wasn't a valid defense, it's not even his copyright. If he filed a DMCA of your video, it would absolutely be against the law and you would have a VERY easy time suing him.

You cannot claim copyright infringement of a thing that you do not own the Copyright for. Trademark disputes between developers should never be used as an excuse to flagrantly violate the law in order to punish Content Creators out of a desire to blind the public as to the other game's existence."

So it's illegal for a developer to file a DMCA takedown for a video of another developer's original game. No matter what the game's name is.

For full transparency, I have removed my video as I'd rather not get in a fight about it, but if the Dino Hazard dev doesn't rescind the Copyright strike I will pursue legal action. 

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Thanks Alpha, that's helpful. I've decided NOT to remove my video, and if youtube wants to take it up with me they can. After reviewing both games, there are almost no similarities . The developer of the steam game claimed (in the email) that this was a "clone" of his game, so my immediate thought was that the dev here stole his game and uploaded it to itch.io. That's definitely not the case. Calling it a clone seems deceptive. Anyway, thanks for the info!

Yeah they're totally separate games. I don't think the Dinohazard devs had even ever heard of Dino Hazard. The name is clearly just a homage to Dino Crisis and Biohazard.

Glad I'm not the only one who got contacted. The scumbag is throwing around his trademark notice and he doesn't even have one: https://www.trademarkelite.com/trademark/trademark-detail/88474539/DINO-HAZARD

Current status of trademark = "Dead"

The Dino Hazard game seems pretty dead too. He has a YouTube channel, but it's all about dinosaurs. Nothing about a dinosaur game: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjcEWCkuafL02yvkujCwL4w

The Steam page for the game is here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1287540/DINO_HAZARD/

Would be a shame if it got review bombed!

Hello, I am one of the developer of Dinohazard. Jim tries  to clarify the situation with the Dino Hazard team . Of course the name of our game was an obvious tribute, we were not trying to do any harm.

Sorry for the trouble and Thanks for your support, we really appreciate. 

I also received the email. :(

Aqu铆 mi gameplay

I'm trying to use a controller but my character keeps walking in a circle while crouching, is that normal?

Does your controller work on other games? Mine did this to every game when it went out.

yeah it's a ps4 controller emulating Xinput using ds4windows so alot of games work from the get go.

It left me wanting more. Because... dinosaurs. :)

I am really excited to play the full version of this, great job! 

No Commentary Full Playthrough 

This is so well done. Brings back those classic PS1 memories of Resident Evil and Dino Crisis. Love the name and the aesthetic, though the Raptors were pretty easy to get past. Hope to see more of this, keep it up :)


It took a little bit to get used to the camera style but once I did I started to enjoy myself more. It was a straightforward idea that was executed well, overall a good fun game. 

Made a video

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Everything about Dinohazard is nostalgic from the likes of Dino Crisis, Biohazard, Silent Hill, and a smattering of Metal Gear Solid. If you're a fan or even played just a bit of any of those games, you're already familiar with Dinohazard. This is easily one of my favorite indie games I've played in the past year since starting my Quick Play series on YouTube.

The game uses tank controls, so if you're unfamiliar with this control system, this will be a learning experience. Aside from that, the atmosphere created by the sound design and graphics is truly immersive; I felt the exact way I did when I first played Biohazard. Coupled with the difficulty of getting used to tank controls, my experience was great!

I just saw this on YT and remembers me in old age when i was palying ps1 RE keep on going grate work !!!

The style and content was awesome!
However, I did get stuck out of sight a couple of times (especially near the truck) and couldnt find a way to get out. The dino found me once, took a nibble, then walked off.
But the style and old school feel of the game was awesome! 9/10!

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