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Made in 70 days by:
- Game Design
- Art @Jmgennisson
- Code @NicolasSchoner & Guillaume

Updated 4 days ago
Published 19 days ago
GenreSurvival, Action, Puzzle
Tagsarctic, dinohazard, Dinosaurs, hazard, Horror, snow


Code Dino-H 43 MB

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No weapons?

This game is pretty promising! I enjoyed it, just some of the chasing mechanics/camera angles got a little frustrating for me, but I just suck at pc game LOL. Other than that, this has a lot of potentials! 

Found a possible bug, if you die at any part from the raptors & you go back to the last saved point, the generator can't be turned back on, so I had to replay from the beginning.

I think dinohazard definitely has a lot of potential. Love the raptor, graphics style, and concept. The main issue that I have is the tank controls. They just don't work well at all when you combine a keyboard and chase sequences. All in all though, this game has a ton of potential, dinosaur horror games have been few and far between as of late, and the concept is great! Can't wait to see what else you end up doing with it!

Hey, I played your game on my channel.

I'm a big fan boy of the PS1, and I'm really pleased with the plethora of awesome indie games that are coming out and using that period of gaming as its influence. 

I think this game is really tight so far, I really dig the atmosphere, the style, the graphics, the characters attitude and I enjoy the fact that there's a sneaking mechanic in the game!

One issue I did have was the turning, I'm very familiar with tank controls having grown up with these games, but when you are stationary, the 90 degree turn is a bit weird. It works fine when you're in motion, but when you're not you can't make small adjustments to your direction. I don't know if that something you made intentionally, but that was just my two cents on that.

All in all, it's a really great time and I hope this does get taken further and built into a full paid experience. I would happily pay for a full version of the game.

All the best

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Hi everyone, I'm Jim, one of the developper of this demo.

Sorry for the inconvenient if you receive a copyright strike to your video.

It seems that there is another game called Dinohazard.

We changed the game's name to Code: Dino-H.

It's just a project made with friends and for fun,
Sorry if you get in trouble.

So far no strike from youtube here. Thanks for the cool game.  


Your game is better anyways. Don't worry Jim. 

Ok, after seeing the comments here. I don't want to get in to trouble.

The game is really promising. With a combination of both Dino Crisis and Resident Evil. Really is a tribute to those great games. Great Job

Hope to see more :)

Nice start, looks gorgeous. Got the atmosphere down, like the music. One design issue I have is that the directional sound is relative to the player, where it should be relative to the camera IMO. You can be hiding in a corner, rotating around, and the direction of the enemy's foot steps will spin with you, being quite disorienting and not so useful tactically. Great job though, hope you go on to do more!

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Anyone else get a copyright warning from someone claiming this game was stolen? I took a look at their version of the game on steam but they look completely different.  However the names are the same and both games are about dinosaurs. Curious to know if anyone else got this warning and if you think a playthrough of this is actually an infringement. I mean one game looks like an ancient RPG and this looks like playstation. Clearly both were made uniquely by different developers. The name could definitely just be a coincidence.

I got the email too.


Yeah I got contacted too. I've been talking to SidAlpha about this issue. He has this advice:

"In terms of the Trademark dispute, he would have a case with the other Dev because it DOES create market confusion. But in terms of your video(s) he has no legal right to strike your videos as even IF Fair Use wasn't a valid defense, it's not even his copyright. If he filed a DMCA of your video, it would absolutely be against the law and you would have a VERY easy time suing him.

You cannot claim copyright infringement of a thing that you do not own the Copyright for. Trademark disputes between developers should never be used as an excuse to flagrantly violate the law in order to punish Content Creators out of a desire to blind the public as to the other game's existence."

So it's illegal for a developer to file a DMCA takedown for a video of another developer's original game. No matter what the game's name is.

For full transparency, I have removed my video as I'd rather not get in a fight about it, but if the Dino Hazard dev doesn't rescind the Copyright strike I will pursue legal action. 

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Thanks Alpha, that's helpful. I've decided NOT to remove my video, and if youtube wants to take it up with me they can. After reviewing both games, there are almost no similarities . The developer of the steam game claimed (in the email) that this was a "clone" of his game, so my immediate thought was that the dev here stole his game and uploaded it to itch.io. That's definitely not the case. Calling it a clone seems deceptive. Anyway, thanks for the info!

Yeah they're totally separate games. I don't think the Dinohazard devs had even ever heard of Dino Hazard. The name is clearly just a homage to Dino Crisis and Biohazard.

Glad I'm not the only one who got contacted. The scumbag is throwing around his trademark notice and he doesn't even have one: https://www.trademarkelite.com/trademark/trademark-detail/88474539/DINO-HAZARD

Current status of trademark = "Dead"

The Dino Hazard game seems pretty dead too. He has a YouTube channel, but it's all about dinosaurs. Nothing about a dinosaur game: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjcEWCkuafL02yvkujCwL4w

The Steam page for the game is here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1287540/DINO_HAZARD/

Would be a shame if it got review bombed!

Hello, I am one of the developer of Dinohazard. Jim tries  to clarify the situation with the Dino Hazard team . Of course the name of our game was an obvious tribute, we were not trying to do any harm.

Sorry for the trouble and Thanks for your support, we really appreciate. 

I also received the email. :(

Aquí mi gameplay

I'm trying to use a controller but my character keeps walking in a circle while crouching, is that normal?

Does your controller work on other games? Mine did this to every game when it went out.

yeah it's a ps4 controller emulating Xinput using ds4windows so alot of games work from the get go.

It left me wanting more. Because... dinosaurs. :)

I am really excited to play the full version of this, great job! 

No Commentary Full Playthrough 

This is so well done. Brings back those classic PS1 memories of Resident Evil and Dino Crisis. Love the name and the aesthetic, though the Raptors were pretty easy to get past. Hope to see more of this, keep it up :)


It took a little bit to get used to the camera style but once I did I started to enjoy myself more. It was a straightforward idea that was executed well, overall a good fun game. 

Made a video

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Everything about Dinohazard is nostalgic from the likes of Dino Crisis, Biohazard, Silent Hill, and a smattering of Metal Gear Solid. If you're a fan or even played just a bit of any of those games, you're already familiar with Dinohazard. This is easily one of my favorite indie games I've played in the past year since starting my Quick Play series on YouTube.

The game uses tank controls, so if you're unfamiliar with this control system, this will be a learning experience. Aside from that, the atmosphere created by the sound design and graphics is truly immersive; I felt the exact way I did when I first played Biohazard. Coupled with the difficulty of getting used to tank controls, my experience was great!

I just saw this on YT and remembers me in old age when i was palying ps1 RE keep on going grate work !!!

The style and content was awesome!
However, I did get stuck out of sight a couple of times (especially near the truck) and couldnt find a way to get out. The dino found me once, took a nibble, then walked off.
But the style and old school feel of the game was awesome! 9/10!

What a nice trip to memory lane it was. Old school horror games are the best. Awesome work creating the right vibes and introducing new elements. Will sure follow your work.

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hello i am having some issues installing your game and it keeps saying cannot read property of build undefined and i don't really know what to do. if you or someone else could help me out that would be great thanks.

Great game overall!. I wasn't super crazy about the controls and the camera angles but they were workable and not so bad that it couldn't be played. I love these ps1 style horror games and the similar feeling it gives me to the old Silent Hill Games. I loved the dark, decrepit, creepy slightly hazy environment that gave it a super nice touch and made me feel less at ease. I feel like dinosaurs themselves were okay but some things could have been done to make them a little scarier like intense chase music or a scene or two where they jumpscare you but I understand that isn't everybody's style. Good Job I look forward to seeing more of your work.

an amazing game. The only flaw is the controls and the janky movement in general. other than that, 8/10 :))


Does not work. Not installed.

Great game, though it could use a fix here and there in some controls and animations but over all I loved what you made here. I can't wait to see more of this game and more you will be making please keep on creating and keep it stylish Jim. 


This game was awesome! After learning how to control my character lol. This was difficult yet kept me playing with excitement the whole time! Good job overall dev. 

Hey Jim, you've got a great game on your hands here. I do have some suggestions, but I know this is a trial version so please understand that these concerns are about how the game is right now as I've played it, and not about how you intend for the game to be. My gameplay video is attached to this post but I see you have a ton of videos here to watch so I'll put it in writing to save you time (unless you want visual proof of what I'm talking about and also to have some fun watching ;))


Currently, the reveal of the Dinohazards is a bit lacking. In my opinion, monster reveals should instill fear in the player as well as impress them. As it is right now, I simply saw it from a distance and from the perspective of a player, that's a ton of time to desensitize to it's presence. The biggest fear becomes nullified quite quickly, and while I was still nervous to be caught, that didn't last for very long because they ran towards me very slowly all while making pretty cute tippy tap sounds. Once I knew they weren't a threat, I didn't really mind the dino's presence and completed objectives relatively tension-free while running around. Some camera angles could do a bit better of a job showing the scene. Another Issue is the introduction of many characters, but none of them serve any real purpose. As a player, I've never met these characters so they don't mean anything to me. It might be a good idea to introduce these characters and allow us to get to know them a bit before having them killed off. 

I'm not entirely sure what your plans for this game are but I really do hope you flesh it out because this is exactly what I've been looking for as a fan of both Dino Crisis and Resident Evil. I wish you the best, and I definitely will be following you to keep in touch with the development of this game. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in the comment section. Thanks again for the game, Jim!



Nice job on this demo, dude! I like what you're doing here so far and can't wait to see what else you do with it. The PS1 style is pretty awesome.


This game was super fun to play not even gonna cap

Достаточно мрачная хрень)

hard af


A very solid demo with a glimpse of what's to come. Looking forward to seeing if combat plays out well, and how the story goes.

Very good indeed! Got the Resident Evil/ Dino Crisis vibe, to me it feels like a respectful and well made homage to the great Dino Crisis series ^^

Loved the game heaps, hope you guys keep going :)

I absolutely enjoyed this game! I love The Thing references. I would love to see the whole game!

This was awesome. It was very unsettling at the start because I was constantly afraid something was going to randomly pop onto the screen and eat my poor character. I find dino-related horror more scary than other types. It really gave me the feeling of the original Dino Crisis, which is great.

I loved the controls, graphics, sounds/music, and atmosphere. Dino animations/variety could use a bit of work but, I realize this is a trial version and what you have done is excellent so far. Can't way to see more.

Very awesome game! Enjoyed playing this on my channel :D I had a moment where I got stuck outside with the dino and couldn't see my character anymore so had to restart. But it's okay loved the game regardless!

I ended up raging a little bit because I am VERY BAD with tank controls LOL. Other than my lack of skill, this was a really good game! Nice buildup of tension, and great stealth moments. I enjoyed this! 

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